Shri Jagannath is a highly humanized deity. The gap between men and Divine has been bridged in Jagannath cult. Like daily happenings and day to-day activities of a common man He brushes His teeth, takes bath, changes His clothes, wears varieties of colorful dresses, adorns in definite time intervals, enjoys 56 varieties of food items, goes to bed and takes rest after light night meals. Different modus operandi of human life have emerged within His cult to give it a unique statute.

The rituals of the temple of Jagannath may be classified under three heads :- (a) the daily rituals or ‘nitis’ which are fixed and are observed every day; (b) the special nitis according to the speciality of certain days (i.e. Thursday, Amabasya, Ekadasi & Naksyatra Bandapana etc). (c) the various festivals observed during the year, some outside the temple and some inside come under the category of festive nitis.