Kalinga Cultural Trust, Banjara Hills was formed and registered under Societies of Registration Act in the year 1994. This is a charitable and religious trust and is governed by its own by-laws.

The Kalinga Cultural Trust, hereafer known as “Trust” mainly swears by following objectives:

To provide facility and opportunities for cultural meetings, events & activities:

  1. a) Emphasising and reinforcing the cultural and social ties between the Odias, the Telugus and other ethnic communities living in Hyderabad as well as in other parts of the country.
  2. b) To foster and promote the arts, dance and music of Odisha origin, Jagannath Dharma, Culture & Philosophy, encourage & reinforce to render support & grant to societies & institutions pursuing similar objectives.
  3. c) To encourage the study of Odia literature, undertake social & charitable activities in the field of education, health & culture.
  4. d) To establish and maintain libraries and information service for attainment of the cultural and educational objectives of the society,
  5. e) To promote and propagate Jagannath Dharma / Culture and Philosophy and undertake also activities in pursuance of the same.
  6. f) To constitute or cause to be constituted cultural fora to promote the objects of the society,
  7. g) To render support / grant to societies, groups, institutions, undertaking religious cultural activates, cultural events, promotion of art, music etc., connected to culture and tradition of Odia people etc.

In the operational level, the trust renders assistance for medicare to the needy, considers logistic help to educational institutions,  scholarship to meritorious & needy students and undertakes other charitable activities in addition to promotion of cultural activities.

The Auditorium of the Trust is given free of cost to cultural bodies and institutions to encourage & popularise the traditional classical dance & music  and folk art. On its own, the Trust organizes periodical cultural programmes at the cultural centre & other locations inhabitated by Odias in Hyderabad.

The Trust associates and guides construction of Lord Shri Jagannath Temple at different locations. The Trust was actively associated in guiding the construction of Lord Shri Jagannath Temple at Dibrugarh, Assam which stands as a landmark in that area today was completed in Dec2014.

At present the Trust is rendering help in construction of Lord Shri Jagannath Temple at IDL Bolaram, Hyderabad, which is likely to be completed in Dec 2017.


The policy decision of the trust is taken by the Governing body which is elected once in 3 years. The present members of the Governing body are as follows:

  1. Chairman : Sri. Ajit Kumar Mohanty
  2. Finance Member : Sri. Narahari Biswal
  3. Member : Sri. G.C. Das
  4. Member : Sri. S.K. Chhottray
  5. Member : Sri. K.K. Dwivedy
  6. Member : Sri. Chandan Mitra
  7. Member : Sri. B.K. Senapati
  8. Member : Sri. Manoj Biswal
  9. Member : Sri. G.B. Rout
  10. Member : Sri. Pradip Kumar

Day to day affairs of the Trust is managed by the Executive Committee which is elected once a year. The members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  1. President : Sri. Narahari Biswal
  2. Vice President : Sri. Bhimsen Routh
  3. General Secretary : Sri. Bijay Kumar Senapati
  4. Treasurer : Sri. Gagan Bihari Rout
  5. Member : Sri. Soumendra Pani
  6. Member : Sri. Rashmi Ranjan
  7. Member : Sri. Tapas Nayak
  8. Member : Sri. Susant Kumar Padhi


Membership for the Trust is by application. Every application for membership should be recommended by at least two existing members of the Trust subject to following conditions.

  1. Persons desirous of becoming annual member of the Trust for a calendar year need to apply for membership pledging their commitment to confirm to the objectives of the Trust and submit the same in the office.
  2. He / She Should submit the proof of address and identity with Photograph.
  3. He / She is expected to render Kar Seva and participate in other services and activities of the trust and Shree Jagannath Temple for a period of one year to be eligible for membership.
  4. The executive committee may, if it is satisfied that the person or the institution has the ability or potentiality to contribute towards promotion/achievement of the objectives of the Trust, may agree to admit the person or institution as a member into the respective category.
  5. a) The person considered by the executive committee for admission shall upon payment of the membership fee, be admitted as a member from the date of payment of the fees and shall remain as a member of the respective category for the respective period in accordance with the amount of fee paid.
  6. b) The decision for admission will be based on contribution of services and conduct of the applicant as assessed by the management committee.
  7. The membership can be terminated anytime if continuance of membership is considered not desirable and prejudicial to the interest / objective of the Trust.