Lord Jagannath

Lord Jagannath the presiding deity of the temple is Vishnu incarnate. Lord Jagannath is Avataree and not merely an Avatar of Vishnu. The Avatar (incarnations) emanate from him who is the cause of all material creation. The Avatars after their cosmic play dissolute (Bilaya) in him (Jagannath). All the Avatars take their birth for Lilas in this universe and at the end would merge in the self of Purna Bramha.

Balabhadra considered as Shiva and Subhadra a manifestation of Durga or Shakti Brahma. The trinity are Shivasakti, Mayasakti and Vishnu sakti i.e Gyan, Karma and Bhakti.

Lord Jagannath is the symbol of cosmic energy the highest expression of God. Jagannath is worshipped as Narayan or Vishnu (the cosmic sustainer of universe) when on Ratnavedi in the sanctum sanctorium as Ganesh (the destroyer of all obstacles) when on snana vedi, as Rudra as an expression of Shiva (the cosmic destroyer of universe) during Navakalebara ceremony, as Durga (the source of all energy) in the Sayana festival and as the Surya (the synthesis of cosmic trio) when in the chariot during Ratha Jatra.

On the Ratna Singhasana the triad is worshipped along with Sudarshana Chakra, Madhava, Sridevi and Bhudevi. The idols are made of neem wood considered auspicious for all castes. Chandan/ Sandalwood is auspicious for Brahmins, Ashvattha/Peepul for Kshatriyas and Sal/Indian Dammer for Sudras, are not used. Jagannath is beyond cult, philosophic idea and beyond religion. He is lord of suffering humanity and all human heir are his children. There is no artistic aspect to the murtis of lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra. A massive square head merging with the chest into are piece of wooden stump without demarcation of neck. The arms inserted in line with upper lip. The eyes are large and round without eyebrows. The waist is the limit of the body. The icon is craved onto wood unlike other hindu iconographic deities  made of metal or stone. The colors black (Lord Jaggannath), White (Lord Balbhadru), Yellow (Maa Subhadru) encompasses entire human race.

He is without legs & hands and yet moves and accepts. He is without eyes yet see and has vision of infinity. He is without ears, hears the prayers of suffering humanity. He knows all the unavailable but no one knows him. He is the original supreme person.