Membership Procedure for KALINGA CULTURAL TRUST

Membership for the Trust is by application. Desirous person can apply for Annual, Associate or life Membership. Every application for membership should be recommended by at least two executive body/governing body members of the Trust subject to following conditions.

  • Persons desirous of becoming annual member of the Trust for a calendar year need to apply for membership pledging their commitment to confirm to the objectives of the Trust and submit the same in the office
  • He / She Should submit the proof of address and identity with Photograph
  • He / She is expected to render KarSeva and participate in other services and activities of the trust and Shree Jagannath Temple for a period of one year to be eligible for annual membership
  • The executive committee if it is satisfied that the person or the institution has the ability or potentiality to contribute towards promotion/achievement of the objectives of the Trust, may agree to admit the applicant or institution as a member into the respective category and take approval of the Governing Body
  • a) The person considered by the executive committee for admission shall upon payment of the membership fee, be admitted as a member from the date of payment of the fees and shall remain as a member of the respective category for one calendar year or the respective period in accordance with the amount of fee paid
  • b) The decision for admission as a member will be based on commitment of services and conduct of the applicant as assessed by the management committee.
  • c) Annual membership are renewable on application from year to year subject to good conduct and service
  • The membership can be terminated anytime if continuance of membership is considered not desirable and prejudicial to the interest / objective of the Trust
  • The trust also has provisions for Life membership which is subject to set of regulations. Normally those who continue to retain annual membership for a continuous 5 terms can apply for life membership to be considered by the executive committee and finally to be approved by the Governing body. Any exception with respect to membership will be at the discretion by the majority decision of the Governing Body

Persons who are committed to cause of classical art, music, dance, believe in Indian culture, Jagannath Dharma, promotion of social causes public good, humanitarian actions etc are admitted as Associate members without any voting rights. Applications for associate members can be addressed to President KCT in the same manner as that of Annual member.