Jagannath Temple at Hyderabad

About The Temple

Enter the precincts of the majestic Lord Jagannath Temple at road no.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and you experience a tranquil, peaceful, soothing atmosphere and vibration of cosmic energy.

The temple normally remains open to the devotees from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The daily rituals consists of Dwaraphita (opening of doors) & Mangal Arati (lighting the lamps), Mailama (removal of the dress, tulsi, flowers etc. from previous nights), Abakasha (brushing of teeth & bathing), Mailama & Bheshas (adorning of fresh closthes), Kalash Jatra, Homam, Surya puja, Dwara puja, Offering of Bhogas, Madhyahna Pahada, Sandhya Arati, Chandanlagi, Badasinghar besha & Pahad (the retreat).

The deities are adorned with colored dresses on Mondays to Sundays in addition to flower & other decorations. The deities adorn other beshas as per tradition on different festive occasions.

Devotees participate in Pujas, Aratis & other Rituals free of cost. However, the temple has provision for Special Pujas & Archanas like Namakaran, Anna Prasanna, Vahan Puja etc on payment basis in a limited way. Prasad is available across the counter on sale everyday & Mahaparasad is served on advance booking for atleast 25 personsin the premises squatting on the floor. Prasad is also distributed free of cost to devotees after Arati.

Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra adorn the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple the mukhya devalayam. The upa devalayam of Lord Ganesh, Maa Vimla, Maa Laxmi, Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Lord Shiva (Kasi Viswanath) and Navagraha greatly enhance the spiritual tempers of the devotees.

Shree Jagannath i.e Jagat (the universe), Nath (the Lord) the Lord of the Universe is the manifestation of knowledge, power, majesty, strength, energy and self-sufficiency. He is the remover of sin, saviour of the fallen soul and giver of salvation. Lord of the masses & Lord of the suffering humanity, he responds to all beyond the barrier of the caste, creed, religion faith and race.

The idea of the temple at the present location was mooted in 1992 by a small group of Odias having deep reverence for “Jagannath Dharma” for worship of Shree Jagannath the highest expression of God and symbol of cosmic energy. Years passed by, Homas, Yagnas, Pujas, Kirtans didn’t help construction of the holy temple. Repeated attempts went futile. Time was probably not ripe & God not willing and nothing happens unless ordained by God. It was only 2004, a series of unexpected development resulted in commencement of construction of the magnificent temple and looked as if Artisans & Sculptors landed up on their own to complete the mission as ordained by God. More than 100 devoted workers toiled for about five years and the construction of the main temple and temples for Lord Ganesh, Anjaneya Swamy, Maa Vimla, Maa Laxmi, Lord Shiva and Nabagrah was completed in March 2009 with murals of mythological themes on the compound walls. The temple replicates the Puri Jagannath temple with Deula (Garbha Gruha), mukhashala (Jagan Mohan), Nata Mandir and Bhoga mandap.

Ever since Lord Jagannath the cosmic sustainer and bestower of salvation with Lord Balabhadra, Maa Subhadra are being worshipped by devotees. The triad is worshipped on the Ratna vedi along with ‘Sudarshan Chakra’, Madhav, Sridevi and Bhudevi.

The temple is an architectural delight standing tall at about 72 ft adorned with intricate stone carvings, craftsmanship, sculptures, arouses unique aesthetic feelings in devotees. The upadevalayams of Lord Vinayak, Devi Vimla, Devi Mahalakshmi,  Lord Hanuman, Lord Kashi Vishwanath & Navagrahas are equally spectacular and arouses spiritual feelings. The mythological and religious murals on the wall consisting of history of construction of the Jagannath temple at Puri, Dasha Avatar and mysteries and miracles of God and Goddesses in different from and stage are educative and enlightening even to the modern mind. The lightening of the temple has been artistically planned and gives a spectacular appearance at night.

The temple is a replica of original temple located at Srikshetra Puri with sanctum Sanctorium (Devla), the mukhasala (Jaganmohan), the narta mandir (Dancing hall) and the Bhoga mandir the offering conclave. The temple premise also prides itself with Upadevalayams of Lord Ganesh, Lord Kasi Viswanath, Maa Bimla, Maa Laxmi, Lord Hanuman and the Nava grahas.

The craftsmanship, carvings and Mythological and religious murals on the compound wall of the temple are unique. A very well maintained temple with exemplary cleanliness is visited by thousands of devotees during week days and festivals. In a short period this temple has also became one of the best destination for the tourist visiting Hyderabad. The temple is managed on the principle of sanctity, equity, discipline and cleanliness and makes it refreshingly different from many Hindu temples.

Several important festivals like Ratha Jatra, Shiva ratri, Vijaya Dashami, Ganesh puja, Snana Purnima, Makar Sankranti etc are celebrated with pomp and gradeur with huge participations of devotees. The peace, tranquillity and vibrations of the temple premises needs to the experienced. Committed teams of Archakas, Karsevaks etc render unique service and satisfaction to visiting devotees. Lord Jagannath the presiding deity of the temple is Vishnu incarnate. Lord Jagannath is Avatar and not merely an Avatar of Vishnu. The Avatar (incarnations) emanate from him who is the cause of all material creation. The Avatars after their cosmic play dissolute (Bilaya) in him (Jagannath). All the Avatars take their birth for Lilas in this universe and at the end would merge in the self of Purna Bramha.

Balabhadra considered as Shiva and Subhadra a manifestation of Durga or Shakti Brahma. The trinity are Shivasakti, Mayasakti and Vishnu sakti i.e Gyan, Karma and Bhakti.