Costumes of Lord Jagannath

Lord Jagannath is Bada Thakura, the highest amongst God, His abode is Bada Deula, the biggest of the temple, the food offered to Lord is Mahaprasad, the magnificent offerings and so are his costumes. Unparallel and spectacular ceremonial costumes are of 32 varieties of which 20 are considered significant. Of these 18 veshas take place inside the temple and 2 outside. All the veshas are linked to different divine events and occasions especially to incarnation as Lord Krishna.

The deities are adorned with Red colour silk clothes on Sundays, white colour on Monday, five assorted colours in Tuesday, Blue on Wednesday, Yellow on Thursday, White on Friday and Black on Saturday in addition to floral and Tulasi decorations. Red signifies Sun at dawn, white the Moon, assorted colours the Man, Green the Mercury, Yellow the Jupiter, White on Friday is Venus, Black the Saturn. The influence of Sun, Moon, Man, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn for that day is reflected through the colour code of the day.

Besides daily decorations of deities there are many other decoration on ceremonial occasions many of which are in God ornaments of extraordinary workmanship.

The deities on normal or ceremonial decoration look so beautiful that devotees cannot but concentrate on magnetic attraction of black face and round eyes. It is a delight and devotees want to see him again and again for boundless time.