Why Pray Lord Jagannath

HE is the Lord who listens and responds to prayer. HIS kripa and concern is unfathomable.

HE rescued the king elephant from the crocodile, when prayed to be rescued and saved him by killing the crocodile through Sudarshan chakra.

HE saved the innocent dove from crossword tangle from peril in dense forest.

HE responded to Draupadi's distressed cries from Kuru sabha/ darbar and protected her famine grace/saving her from shame.

HE gave shelter to Vibhushan, Ravana's brother and gave the throne.

Emerging from the pillar, HE saved Prahlad by fearing Hiranyakashapu the cruel and the wicked.

HE gives shelter to downtrodden, the fallen, the unacceptable and the helpless. Thus we should completely surrender and pray HIM to overcome our distress.

Jagannath is Jagat, (the Universe) and Nath, (the Lord). That is Jagannath is the Lord of the Universe. He does not belong to any caste, creed, sect, religion or race. He is beyond space and time. He is not the Lord of Hindus only but the Lord of the Suffering Humanity. He is the remover of sins and giver of Mukti. He is the purifier of the fallen.

This cosmic sustainer follows his devotees. Once you surrender to him, he protects. He is the savior of the fallen soul. He is the friend of the poor, the helpless, the needy and the distressed. He even listens to prayers of worst of all miscreants. He rewards devotion and complete surrender. He is a friend to the devotees and follows the devotee as a calf follows the mother cow. Lord Jagannath loves his devotee and the devotee is everything to him.

Jagat (Universe) Nath (Lord) not confined to boundaries of any religion faith. Lord Jagannath is above all castes, creed and religion. He is the cosmic sustainers. He rescues when no other routes of rescue are there. He helps when you are totally helpless. He saves you from utmost distress. He gives peace solace. He provides justice, treats all equally. He listens to prayer. He is the Lord of the devotees. He is not a Hindu God. Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Saivas and Bhaishnavas pray him. His servitors are have origin traced to tribals and Daliths and not Brahmins only. He is not a sectarian God.