Kumara Purnima (Sharada Purnima)

Kumara Purnima is a famous autumn festival celebrated on the full moon day of month of Aswina (October- November). Kumar or Lord Karthikeya the handsome son of Lord Shiva was born on this day. This day also Kartikeya started war with Tarakasur and considered God of the War. This day is also observed as birth day of Maa Laxmi.

As young unmarried and newly married girls wish and love handsome husbands, they propitiate the most handsome amongst the God.

On this day early morning girls after their bath, wear new garments and make food offerings to the Sun God. They observe fasting for the day. In the evening when the moon rises they again make food offerings of special variety to moon and take it. After this day they indulge in festivity and rejoicing. They play Puchi and other variety of country game. The most popular song of the day is;

" KumaraPuneiJanha Go PhulaBaulaBeni
PuchiKhelibakuMana Go PhulaBavlaBani…..

Kumar Purnima marks end of Monsoon. This day moon and earth are very close to each other and this day moon rays have very healing properties of nourishing the body and soul.

In some places in Odisha this day is celebrated as Gajalaxmi Puja. Maa Laxmi is said to be going round during the night and bless those whom she finds awake. So people sing and dance through the night and remain awake and celebrate Kumar Utsav.