Location and Reach

The majestic and imposing Lord Jagannath Temple Hyderabad is an iconomic land mark that is contributing for composite cultue of brand Hyderabad today. A visit to Hyderabd remins imcomplete without a visit to abode of Lord Jagannath, especially in the morning or evening.

The architectural marvel with divine attractions is located at Road No. 12, close to KBR Park and adjacent ot TRS office and command and control centre of Hyderabad police. The Temple is about 14 KM away from Secunderabad railway sataion, 7KM from RGI Airport Shamshabad. One can easily rach the Temple by taking a left trun from Road No. 2, of Banjara hills at TDP office along the KBR Park or taking a left trurn from Road No. 1, of Banjara Hills coming from Masab Tank side a Virinchi hospital. Otherwise ask any one, they will show you the way to the Temple popularly known as Puri Jagannath Temple. You can also take either bus no 127 and alight at MLA Colony, Banjara Hills bus stop or take bus no 127z, 47z/C and alight at at Indo American Caner Hospital or bus no 222, 127J, 127N, 127F, 47E, 47L, 147 and alight at KBR Park entrance and walk along KBR park boundry fencing or follow the Google mark below.


Mention Puri Jagannath Temple, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills to any auto rickshaw or taxi and you will reach the exact destination.

No fees are charged for entry in to the Temple. No specific dress code is prescribed. However no footwear is allowed inside the Temple and traditional Indian dress is lauded. Free filtered drinking water facility is available within the temple premises.

There is reasonable extent of free parking place available in the northern and eastern side of the Temple.

Devotees are permitted to take photographs of Temple for non-commercial purpose where as photography in sanctum sanatoriums are prohibited.