Daily rituals in the Temple (Niti and Dhupas)

The daily rituals in Lord Jagannath temple in Puri consists of Dwaraphita (Opening door) and Mangal Arati, Mailam (Change of dress of God used at night), Abakash (Brushing of teeth and bathing of deities), Besha mailams (Change of clothes) Sahan mela (Darshan in Garbhagriha) Besha Ulagi ( change of clothes), Rosa Homa (Oblation to the fire), Surya puja, Dwarapala Puja, Gopala Ballav Bhoga(breakfast niti), sakala Dhupa (Morning meal), Mailam ( Change of dress after breakfast), Dwipahara Dhupa (Mid day meal) Madhyan pahuda (Mid day rest), Sandhya Arati (Evening lamp offering) Sandhya dupa ( Evening meal), mailam and Chandanlagi, Badasinghara Besa, Badasinghara Dhupa, Khatasejulagi and pahuda (Sacred slumber ).

The Nitis clearly reveal the life style of God which closely resembles life style of human beings. The temple rituals in Hyderabad temple is akin to these rituals at Puri and performed by the priests. The kalasa procession in the morning and the Homa are a big attraction for the devotees. In the midst of chanting of Vedas and hymns the rituals are performed arousing a divine feeling in devotees present within the premises.

The Hyderabad temple is opened for the devotees from 6 am to 12 noon and from 5 pm - 9 pm on working days. The timings are extended to 10 pm on festive and auspicious occasion.

The daily rituals consists of Dwara Pitha (Opening of door of the temple and sanctum) followed by Mangala Arati (Lighting of the lamp), Mailam (removal of dress and tulsi leaves etc. of the previous night) Abakash (brushing of teeth and bathing of the Lord). Mailam and Bheshas (adorning the Lord with fresh dresses). The colour code of dress for Monday is white; Tuesday is assorted colour of five, blue on Wednesday, Yellow on Thursday, white on Friday and black on Saturday.

After adorning the deities a Kalash Jatra (Pradakshyana of temple) is undertaken around the temple and Homa is performed in Yagna Kunda and Surya Puja is performed by the priests. On completion of Surya puja the kalash Jatra is undertaken back to the sanctum and Bhoga is offered to the deities after the "Arati". The Madhyana Pahad is observed at 12 noon. The devotees are allowed to the Jagan Mohan again at 5 pm to have Darshan of the Lord. The Sandhya Arati is offered to the deities around 6.30 pm followed by Chandanlagi, Badasinghar Besha and the "Pahad" (the retreat) at 9 pm on normal days.

The Homa in the morning and the evening Arati are the most important attraction for the devotees on normal days. The temple vibrates with chants of slokas, Vedas and devotionals during the daily Nitis and Dhupas.

Tirtham and Prasads are offered to the devotees after the Aratis free of cost. Devotees also have the option of having Archanas for them and their family on a nominal payment. Daily rituals are open and accessible to all the devotees visiting the temple.