Temple at a Glance

Nothing happens unless ordained by the divine. It rightly happened with respect to this majestic Jagannath Temple at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. An architectural delight conceived in 1992 could only make a worthwhile beginning in the year 2004. Several attempts saw no progress for 12 long years. More than 100 artisans mainly from Odisha toiled hard with religious fervour and completed this divine abode for Lord Jagannath in 2009.

In addition to the main Temple of Lord Jagannath, the temple premises has shrines of Lord Ganesh, Lord Viswanath, Lord Hanuman, Maa Bimala, Maa Lakshmi and that of Navagrahs.

The temple remains open for the devotees normally from 6 AM to 9 PM everyday and up to 10 PM on festival and special occasions with periodical pahadas (retreats). The rituals in the temple commence with Dwara Phita and Mangal Arati. Mailama (removal of dress, Tulsi, flowers etc). Abakasa (cleaning of teeth and bathing), mailam and veshas, kalas Jatra and Homas, Dwara puja, offering of Bhogas etc. take their sequence during the course of the day. Devotees participate in puja and rituals free of cost. However devotees can opt for special pujas and Archanas on nominal donations. Dry Prasads are available on sale within the premises. Anna Prasad is provided on advance requests on payment.

The temple premise vibrates with the presence of devotees on weekends and on auspicious festival days. Several important festivals like Mahabishuva Sankranti, Deba Snana Purnima, Ratha Jatra, Janmashtami, Ganesh chatruthi, Vijaya Dashami, Makara Sankranti, Basanta Panchami, Sivaratri, SriRamnavami etc. are celebrated with great religious fervour.

The temple is the most sought after spiritual destination of Hyderabad city. The temple with intricate carving, beautiful mythological murals serene ambience and abundant spirituality attracts huge number of devotees and tourists on holydays and festive occasions.

A visit to the temple will convince any devotee of the sanctity, equity, cleanliness and discipline in the temple. Come and be blessed and experience the unfathomable Lord Shree Jagannath.

"Sarvam Rahshyam Purusottamashya
Devona janati, kuto manusyah"

(Even Gods are unable to fathom the depth of His Mystery what to speak of Human beings).