Though Lord Krishna is worshipped as Lord Jagannath, there is no artistic aspect to the idol (murti) of Lord Jagannath.

Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra are worshipped on the Ratnavedi along with Sudarshan chakra. The quadruple is carved out of Neem wood. Considered auspicious for all caste when chandan (sandal wood) is considered auspicious only for Brahmins, Aswastha for Kshatriyas and Sal for Sudras. And this signifies that Jagannath is beyond space and time and symbol of universal love and brotherhood. This is unique unlike deities in Hindu temples made out of stone and metals. Lord Jagannath is therefore known as "Darubrahma".

Lord Jagannath is "Nirakara" having no Akar or shape of his own. The Idols are incomplete and shapeless in many ways. Lord Jagannath has a square flat head, face merging with chest, no neck, no ears and no limbs.

Eyes of the Lord are round and he is lovingly called "Chakadola". The eyes represent Sun and Moon which remove darkness and brightens the life of humans. His eyes symbolize no beginning or end. He is therefore called Anadi (No beginning) and Anantha (no end). He sees everything, hears everything and knows everything.

His open arm is a welcoming posture. He invites, embraces and protects his devotees. He is "Mahabahu". His parallel arms extend to unlimited points and helps limitless devotees who surrender to him.

Lord Jagannath is dark (Black) in complexion, Balabhadra white and Maa Subhadra is turmeric yellow. The Sudarshan chakra is red in colour. The three basic races of the world the whites, blacks and yellow are represented in the triad. The three colours are symbolic characteristics of Satva, Rajo and Tama and Gyan, Bhakti and Karma. Lord of all races and the masses is in true sense is the Lord of the Universe.

The Lord of all religion whether Hindu or non-Hindu all find solace and relief in him even though they have different justification for Him. That is why it is said: truth is one; wise speak of it in different ways.

(Devotees can witness the light and sound show in the temple premises on Saturday and Sundays at 8 pm to have better insight to emergence of Lord Jagannath and incomplete idols.)