Several events and services are undertaken in the temple premises throughout the year. Important pujas and religious ceremonies, social and cultural event attract enthusiastic participation from devotees and public. Rtha Jatra, Durga Puja, Ganesh Puja, Sivaratri, Ugadi, Visubha Sankranti, etc, are celebrated with religious forever.

Cultural Programmes

Temple dance forms (classical dances), Bhajans and musical programmes are periodically performed from inside the temple platform and the adjacent open air Nata mandir. The rituals of dance and music in Shri Jagannath Temple can be traced back to 12th century. The temple lay out itself provides for dancing hall called “Nata Mandir” positioned between Jagamohan and Bhoga mandir.

The service of singing of “Geeta Govinda” to the accomplishment of dance of Devadasis has been duly recognized as on indispensable phase of worship codified in Records of Rights of origin Jagannath temple of Puri. The Devadasis are named as Maharis and in course of time Maharis dance has evolved into Odissi dance. Devadasis used to dance at me time of morning offerings (Baladhupa) chandan Jatra, Rukmini Vivah at Laxmi Temple in the days of Niladri Bija. No sang other than Gita Govinda is reacted in sanctum sanctions. The temple dance performances are well attracted by devotees and art loves.