The Vishnu "Chardhams" i.e. Rameswaram (the place where Lord Vishnu takes bath), Badrinath ( the place of meditation) Puri ( the place of dining) Dwaraka (where the Lord retires) are very sacred to Hindus. Of all these Dhams, Puri is considered a holy place of Supreme importance.

56 types of Prasads are offered to the Lord in Puri temple which becomes Mahaprasad offer again being offered to Maa Vimala, the Shakti. The offerings are Gopala Vallabh Bhog (8:30 am), Sakala Dhupa (10 am), Bhoga Mandap Dhupa (11 am), Madhyana Dhupa (12.30 pm), Sandhya Dhupa (7 pm) and Bada Singara Bhoga (11 pm).

Sankudi Mahaprasad which consists of Rice preparations, dal, vegetables, sweet and sanu (Khuta) preparations are available to devotees on payment and prior intimation to the temple in Hyderabad temple.

The Sukhila Prasads consisting of Khaja and Gaja of this temple are very popular amongst the devotees at Hyderabad. These sweet meals are available across the counter inside the temple premises and are nominally priced.

Prasad is also distributed to devotees free of cost after morning and evening aratis and on special occasions by the temple management.

Partaking Mahaprasad, having Darshan of the Lord and offering of gift to God are considered sacred and redeems the devotees.